Take every day as a


I burn for self-empowerment and the focus on the personal and individual path of life. As a mental trainer and life coach (in training) I support my clients to develop their full potential and unique strengths.

Trusting in the infinite potential in each of us, I guide people to their individual life goals. I encourage people to explore their uniqueness and live authentically.

Tear down old

Creating something new.

After my studies I worked in marketing, product management and sales for several years. A serious accident made me rethink and redesign my life. It was the hurdles and challenges of rehabilitation that made me grow as a person in a very special way. I am proud that I met them with perseverance, courage and strength.

As a nature boy and outdoor freak I love nature, forests and mountains. A life without action and adventure means missing liveliness for me. Today I live my dream as a Life Coach (in training) and Survival Trainer. I stand for fresh ideas, joy of life and liveliness.

I guide my clients to a unique and powerful experience of personal growth and show them how to live their power. 

Dipl.-Ing. Werner Etzelstorfer